Jimi Hendrix Concerts Collection

An incredible Jimi Hendrix collection of original audio master tapes and stampers for the Jimi Hendrix Concerts Lp release CCSLP235

Consisting of 4 original mixed Master 10" Ampex tapes

Jimi Hendrix Live consisting of 4 original Master Stampers in original studio boxes & the original CD masters. All in original studio boxes and in excellent condition 

The Jimi Hendrix Concerts is a posthumous live album by Jimi Hendrix released in August 1982. The album contains eleven songs from six different concerts between 1968 and 1970. The album spent eleven weeks in the UK Albums Chart peaking at No. 16The album was re-released on CD in 1989.

The collection is unmolested and been carefully stored for over 20 years

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Offers in the region of £12,000


David Bowie Demo Tape

We are proud to have available an original reel to reel tape, formerly belonging to Mick Ronson that features previously unheard and unreleased demo's from around the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars era. 

The 71/2 tapes include a unique version of David Bowie's iconic song 'Starman'. Bowie is heard playing the guitar and singing the song to Mick Ronson and includes conversations between the two with Bowie explaining that 'the song still remains to be finished', suggesting that this was the first time the song was played to Ronson and likely the first example of the song being recorded. The excellent quality recording lasts approximately  4 minutes 30 seconds. 

The tape also includes a demo 'Hang on to Yourself', a song used on the Ziggy Stardust album. This version is different to the known album version as it includes no over dubs and is more stripped down. Bowie also sings different words in the chorus, again suggesting that this is a track that was being developed at the time

Also heard on the tape are vocal warm ups and multi tracking tests as well as array of pieces of songs (hardly any in complete form) that were used for the album 'Ziggy Stardust' & 'Pin Ups'

Offers in the Region of £14,000         

This is a very collectable and important piece of musical heritage, any enquiries please contact info@tedowenandco.com

David Bowie & Mick Ronson performing circa Spiders from Mars era

David Bowie & Mick Ronson performing circa Spiders from Mars era

Sting/The Last Exit- Original 1975 Masters

We are proud to  have available, 6 original masters circa 1975 one of one of Sting's earliest bands 'The Last Exit'. The tapes are all from Impulse studios Newcastle England. It includes a comprehensive track listing including the rare released track 'Whispering Voices' and many previously unheard songs

Titles include :Evensong,I Can't Say, Savage Beast, Whispering Voices, We Got Something, Truth Kills Everybody, Whispering Voices (ver 2), Put On Your Wings And Fly, Untitled Instrumental, Everyday's Just The Same, Carrion Prince, Don't Let It Bring You Down, I Got It Made, I'm On This Train, Oh! My Gawd, Instrumentals (2), I Can't Say (ver 2)

These masters are 8 Track Multitracks recording on 1” Magnetic Tape (SCOTCH 206 – 1”, BASF LRG 30 P – 1”). All recordings have dedicated track information : Drum tracks, Bass, Guitar, Vocal, Keyboard (Organ), Electric Piano, Overdubs. All recordings were produced by David Wood at Impulse Sound Recording Studio in Wallsend, Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom (Incidentally.These were Sting's first recordings with the band LAST EXIT.  Sting has acknowledged the opportunity he had creating these first recordings and thanked the company and producer for their indulgence).

The collection includes the DAT (Digital) Mixes of 9 of the tracks and a CD (same). There is also a 7” single (Whispering Voices c/w Evensong on WUDWINK  LABEL : WUD001) (Juke Box version – rare) and an opportunity to make an offer for the famous NEWCASTLE BIG BAND LP (which features both STING and JOHN HEDLEY from Last Exit on all tracks) - IS.NBB.106  

Special Issue Test Pressing signed by STING.

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Oasis/ Liam Gallagher's Zündapp Bella Scooter that was featured on the 'Be Here Now' album cover

Liam Gallagher's personally owned scooter. This very rare Zundapp Bella scooter was originally  purchased by Liam Gallagher in March 1997 and later that year was used on the front cover of 'Be Here Now', Oasis's third album and became the UK's fastest-selling album.  It went to the top of the UK chart and furnished two No. 1 singles 'D'You Know What I Mean' and 'All Around The World'. The scooter was also used in their music video 'Don't Go Away'

Registration no. 514 FMK, 200 cc, frame/engine no. 75481, mileage shown as 40951, red and black livery, together with a copy of the V5 registration certificate that shows Liam Gallagher as previous owner

The cover prompted much speculation as to possible meanings and messages but the photographer, Michael Spencer Johns, has been quoted as saying that it was simply a result of Noel Gallagher choosing a selection of items from the BBC prop store that he thought would look good in the image. It is possible that this scooter was included on Liam Gallagher's suggestion; the V5 certificate records him as the previous owner, having acquired the machine in April 1997, the time that the cover was shot at Stocks House in Hertfordshire. Apparently, the original concept had been to shoot each band member in a different location in the world but the costs would have proved excessive. The shoot was then relocated to the former home of Victor Lownes, head of the UK's Playboy Clubs.

Offers in the region of £15,000